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The Washington District Voter Registration/Social Concerns Committee is made up of members from each church in this district so that “no church is left behind”.  We work together closely gathering and sharing information, setting goals and achieving favorable results.  We thank God for such a wonderful group.

  1.  During this Conference Year, we seek to foster a spirit of ecumenism by reaching out to all churches, not just Black or AME Zion but to those in the cause of social justice.   We do this to live out the call and admonition of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in effort to enhance ALL of society.

  2.  We plan to keep our churches and communities well informed of voting, relevant legislation and other social concerns.  We will stress the importance of participating in local, mid-term as well as general elections, of knowing our rights as citizens.  We will combine our efforts with other individuals and organizations who are doing similar things.

  3. We realize that men and women of color are disproportionately imprisoned.  We will support returning citizens, advise them of their rights, assist in getting rights restored, re-unify them with their families and community.  In our churches, we will ask the Christian Education Department, Missionary Society, Lay Council, in fact, the entire church body, to assist in making re-entry for our returning citizens a smooth transition.

  4. We will make use of our social media resources, e-mail, etc., to communicate more effectively and to a broader audience.  We need to be intentional, timely, and seek the participation of the young adult population in the arena of social justice as well as the political arena.  Young adults love social media marketing.

  5.  We will continue to partner with the Lay Council and extend an invitation for others to partner with us to build an even stronger link to establish our goals.


Rev. Dr. Clarence Cross, Jr. & Rev. Rosa Harper Crawford, Co-Directors

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